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Our history begins in 1984. when the company,,Ferum'' started to work based in Kanjiza,whose main activity is machining of metal and screws sales. In 1996. the name of company is changing to company ,,Techno-Ferum LLC,with retention of the founding spirit,grit ,inovation and persevarance.With activities,which includes a wholesale screws goods in the year 2000. begins with the process of the production of wire products of around 300 tonnes per mounth.
From the assortment of production we highlight black anneled wire,common wire nails,spiral nails, wire mesh,electo galvanized wire,welded wire mesh,and common wire nails the carrousel of all types in packages of 5 and 25 kilograms. Currently, the company Techno-Ferum LLC works with over 700 customers in the country and region,and today is the market leader in this area.

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