Quality System

"Techno-Ferum" LLC. production quality control process is carried out to ensure that the products meet the quality requirements of the company before it is sold on the domestic and foreign markets. Quality control in our production highlights the importance of extensive questioning and testing of product quality in order to find and correct defects. A team of our employees are always focused on testing our products to determine whether they meet the standards of the company.

Quality control is carried out in our company who is capable of all the analyzes necessary for monitoring production process and providing required product quality: construction nails, cold drawn wire, annealed wire ... Control is carried out in two stages in the production process are carried out dimensional control and at a later stage check the mechanical properties of the finished product testing tensile strength and tear force. Recognizing the importance and necessity of socially responsible behavior of our company from its business operations contributes to achieving the position of a reputable member of the community to which it belongs.

Sistem kvaliteta Techno Ferum - Kanjiža

Testing equipment:

Sistem kvaliteta Techno Ferum - Kanjiža


European Conformity Techno Ferum - Kanjiža

U toku je postupak dobijanja ,Conformité européenne ( European Conformity) sertifikata radi ispunjavanja uslova i uskladjivanja sa zahtevima trzista EU.